Past Recipients

Past Recipients of the Lowenstein Trust Award

Eric Knox - 2022 recipient of the Lowenstein Award

2022 Awardee Eric Knox

For leadership and creativity through the design and delivery of successful student-focused programs with HOLLA Mentors.

2021 Awardees Allen & Joy Fowler

For their advocacy efforts on behalf of families with medically fragile children, working through the foundation they created in memory of their son Amir.

Jeremy Wilson

2020 Awardee Jeremy Wilson

For assisting musicians experiencing health crises, with special recognition of rising to meet the special challenges posed by the Covid pandemic.
Photo credit: Norman Eder

Billy Anfield

2019 Awardee Billy Anfield

For over 30 years, in his employment and volunteer activism, Billy Anfield has been a creative advocate for helping the severely disadvantaged build a lasting sense of self worth, develop life skills, and create a supportive community.

Adrienne Livingston

2018 Awardee Adrienne Livingston

For her role as the Anti-Sex Trafficking Director for WorldVenture in Portland, recognizing her commitment to deter sex trafficking in our community by raising awareness, providing preventive education and training, and connecting victims with support services to aid their recovery.

T. Allen Bethel and LeRoy Haynes

2017 Awardees Pastors T. Allen Bethel and LeRoy Haynes (foreground)

Have actively initiated and supported local efforts to address community needs. As committed social justice and social change advocates, both have inspired others to collaboratively create a more equitable society – one march, one meeting, one food basket, one prison visit, one decent pair of shoes at a time.

Delta Sigma Theta

2016 Awardees Aasha Benton, Leigh Bohannon, and Dr. Keisha Thomas, of Delta Sigma Theta

For their work with African-American young women in the City of Portland.

Paul Schroeder

2015 Awardee Paul Schroeder

The Lowenstein Trust proudly recognized Paul Schroeder, of New City Initiative, for his many years of service, advocacy, and action in support of the homeless in the City of Portland. Paul has done particularly noteworthy work in building partnerships within the faith community to help meet the needs of homeless families.

Ignacio Paramo

2014 Awardee Ignacio Paramo

Having worked as a day laborer in California and Oregon for several years, Ignacio Paramo eventually made his way to Portland where for the last 15 years he has dedicated himself to helping others with similar life stories become stable, self-sufficient, and prepared to compete for full time opportunities in the workforce.

Sandra Guyot

2013 Awardee Sandra Guyot

Sandra has worked tirelessly to create and maintain a basic needs – fresh food and clothing – resource for families with very limited resources through her work with Golden Harvester Inc. in North Portland.

Bill West

2012 Awardee William “Bill” West

Bill has dedicated over 30 years of his life to advocating for and assisting Portland, Multnomah County, and Clackamas County community members who are working through the challenges presented by developmental disabilities.

Pat Wagner

2011 Awardee Pat Wagner (center)

For her work in resurrecting the Linnton Community Center, and with fellow volunteers, making the LCC a place that enriches life for all persons who live or work in the Linnton community.

Bobby Fouther

2010 Awardee Bobby Fouther (center)

For his work as a Community Artist, helping young people find safe, positive, avenues for personal growth and creative self-expression.

Kayse Jama

2009 Awardee Kayse Jama

Kayse Jama was determined to help those new to America to find their common interests and needs despite dizzying array of ethnic, national and religious origins. He, in partnership with all those who are part of the CIO (Center for Intercultural Organizing), has helped strangers in a strange land become friends and family in Portland.

Marc Jolin

2008 Awardee Marc Jolin

As Director of JOIN, Marc and other volunteers have devoted themselves to helping homeless families make the transition into long term housing.

Diane Sherwin

2007 Awardee Diane Sherwin

For her extensive volunteer work with community non-profit Human Solutions serving low-income and homeless families.

Beth Burns

2006 Awardee Beth Burns

Founder of p:ear, an organization serving homeless youth of Portland, builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

Joanne Zuhl

2005 Awardee Joanne Zuhl

Managing editor of Street Roots, Portland’s only street newspaper which provides homeless and nearly homeless people with flexible employment and the hope to improve their situations.

Mariah Taylor

2004 Awardee Mariah Taylor

Pediatric nurse practitioner who has provided healthcare for 24 years for thousands of children who have no healthcare coverage.

Tonya Dickens

2003 Awardee Tonya Dickens

Program manager for the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, Youth Gangs Outreach Program.

Carole Ann Best

2002 Awardee Carole Anne Best

A volunteer with Human Solutions’ Closet providing baby layettes to poor and often homeless mothers.

Sean Cox

2001 Awardee Sean Cox

Founder of For Us Northwest, providing services for youth diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Casandra Garrison

2000 Awardee Casandra Garrison

Worker for the Oregon Food Bank and an advocate and activist for low-income citizens.

Kevin Fuller

1999 Awardee Kevin Fuller

For his work with The Bridge Builders Youth Program

Ronnye Harrison

1998 Awardee Ronnye Harrison

For his work with young musicians in the Accelerated Music Program in NE Portland.

1997 Awardee Crystal Richer and Connie Nelson

For their work in establishing the Kelly House in the Lents neighborhood.

Jeri Sundvall

1996 Awardee Jeri Sundvall

For her success in improving wages and conditions for low-income workers.

1995 Awardee Odalis Perez

For her advocacy of low income Hispanic families.

1994 Awardee Alberta Phillips

For her counseling and tutoring of school drop-outs and teen mothers.

Genny Nelson

1993 Awardee Genny Nelson

For her many years of support, advocacy, and service to the homeless.

Dap Sobomehin

1992 Awardee Dapo Sobomehin

For his counseling and mentoring work with at-risk youth.