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The Steve Lowenstein Trust Board of Directors announces

Lowenstein Trust Award Recipient will be announced by December 1st.

The award will presented at Portland City Council in December 2018.
Each year, the Trustees seek an individual whose work and contribution to people in need, within the City of Portland, upholds the spirit of Steve’s memory. We look for people who have dedicated themselves to a particular cause that benefits others. Often they have been working for years behind the scenes, either in a volunteer capacity or with low compensation.

Dr. Leroy Haynes, and Dr. T. Allen Bethel
2017 Lowenstein Trust Award recipients.
The award was presented at the Portland City Council, City Hall
Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
The archived video of presentation may be viewed here.
Oregonian article 12/15/17

Portland City Council and Trust members present 2017 awards to Pastors Bethel and Haynes.

For over a decade, Reverend Dr. LeRoy Haynes, Senior Pastor and Presiding Elder at Allen Temple CME Church and Reverend Dr. T.A. Bethel, Senior Pastor at Maranatha Church, have actively initiated and supported local efforts to address community needs. As committed social justice and social change advocates, both have inspired others to collaboratively create a more equitable society – one march, one meeting, one food basket, one prison visit, one decent pair of shoes at a time.

Pastors Haynes and Bethel

Pastors Bethel and Haynes have served as advisory members for the City of Portland and Multnomah County, offering their experience, insight, understanding and wisdom on issues of racial justice, violence and gang issues, gentrification and minority contracting. Each pastor has actively worked to end inequities in the criminal justice system and bring about reform. Their dedication includes working with prisons to support families, reduce recidivism and assist former inmates in their return to a constructive community life.  

Pastor Haynes, and City Commissioner Nick Fish

Even during re-building following a fire, Allen Temple’s homeless assistance program continues to operate. Homeless individuals have access to clothing and other essentials for everyday life and more importantly, receive support for self-stabilization efforts. These services include job interview preparation, training programs and housing application assistance. Allen Temple also partners with the Oregon Foodbank to provide meals to struggling community members.

Pastors Haynes and Bethel, with supporters and Lowenstein Trust board.

Pastors Bethel and Haynes also actively support efforts to address health care inequities by providing HIV/AIDS education, outreach and support. In particular, Pastor Bethel has advocated for a healthier community by supporting environmental protection and strengthening public investment in urban parks for everyone.

Presentation at Portland City Council

The Lowenstein Trust is proud to recognize the critical and lasting community work of Pastors Haynes and Bethel. “When reviewing nominations for the Lowenstein Trust award, it is always heartening to see the range of outstanding work being done in Portland. Pastors Haynes and Bethel truly exemplify the spirit of the Steve Lowenstein award through their commitment to effectively serve those most in need.” Joe Hertzberg, Chair, the Lowenstein Trust.


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Photos: Art Alexander


Steve Lowenstein was an inspiring model of public service. His sense of purpose, his integrity, and his perseverance inspired many who have worked on issues of human rights and social justice. He joined the Peace Corps after law school in the early 1960s and wrote a textbook on Ethiopian law. He worked in Washington DC for the Office of Economic Opportunity and in Chile for the Ford Foundation. He was founding Director of Oregon Legal Services, developed the funding mechanism for legal aid, authored a groundbreaking history—The Jews of Oregon 1850-1950—and at the time of his death in 1990 had served for six years as Executive Assistant to former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg.

The Award -Steve liked most to have an impact from behind the scenes. His will established a board managed endowed trust fund for the Lowenstein Trust award with the following stipulation:

“The recipient of the Lowenstein Trust Award shall be that person who demonstrated (in the opinion of the Trustees) the greatest contribution to assisting the poor and underprivileged in the city of Portland, Oregon. Each year the recipient must be in need of these funds to help carry on his or her work and must use the award to further the type of work for which it was given.”

Art Alexander, Jamaal Folsom, Michelle Harper, Margery Harris, Joe Hertzberg (Chair), Marc Jolin, Paul Kelly, David Thornburgh, Charles R. Williamson

Nick Fish, Sandra Haefker, Daniel Jacobs, Mike Lindberg, Chris Lowenstein, Lee Rosner, Kris Wilkinson.

Gretchen Kafoury, Ron Paul

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